Our Advantages

·  brand-industry leading brand effect

·  experience-six years of experience in liquidity solutions

·  service-all-around integrated service

our advantages


The professional team support,Advanced trading environment

Advanced IT equipment,High technology support

Institutional liquidity provider,Powerful liquidity solution support

Access to more than 20 famous banks and non-banks,Multiple trading platforms and services

A good reputation and market performance for 8 years,Global customer service,Available to broker 100% tradable liquidity

Liquidity advantage

Advanced bridge system

MMIG ECN market set multilateral offer

The global integration of multiple major banks and institutions, providing quotes and liquidity for customers

The powerful server support, 24 hours uninterrupted providing quotes and liquidity across time and space

MMIG has more than 20 liquidity suppliers, to provide global institutional and customer with quotes.


Credit Deposit Deposit
Counterparty JPMorgan MMIG Australia MMIG England
Regulatory agencies Top bank ASIC central bank
Liquidity Open order,secure liquidity Integrated banking and HFTs liquidity Integrated banking and HFTs mobility
Order execution Exchange model STP+ECN STP+ECN
Platform FLX - API - Binary API - Web Graphic User FLX API - MT4 Xcor FLX API - MT4 Xcor
Matching engine Interface NY4 - LD4 - TY3 NY4 - LD4 - TY3
Asset class NY4 - LD4 Foreign exchange-Precious metals Foregin exchange-Precious metals-Index-Commodities Foregin exchange-Precious metals-Index-Commodities

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